Imabari Towel [MIRAI] (Bath Towel)


High absorbability and Safety is the proof of Imabari Towel. [Mirai]is the towel which you don't have to use fabric softener.

¥8,000 / Khaki

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¥8,000 / Navy

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¥8,000 / Beige

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【Color Variation】

今治タオルMIRAI_バスタオル_グレーベージュ2 今治タオルMIRAI_バスタオル_ネイビー2 今治タオルMIRAI_バスタオル_カーキ2【Khaki】             【Navy】             【Gray Beige】

“What’s Imabari Towel?

今治タオル ロゴ
Imabari Towel flavored by the heartfelt hospitality that only Japanese can materialize.

High absorbability and Safety is the proof of Imabari Towel.
Imabari towel is the towel which you don’t have to wash before use and you don’t have to use fabric softener.
Brand mark and logo of Imabari towel is only just to given to the products which made in the biggest towel production area in Japan 「Imabari」 and passed strict quality test.

If you wash,Imabari towel is softer and softer.

【Once wash】


【Twice wash】



【Twnty times wash】


You can use in various of situation.

Best smooth to the touch ever.
Best for the gift.
Imabari Towel 「Mirai」 which means 「Future」 in Japanese is best for the baby bauble because 「Mirai」 can bless baby future like wrapping baby in a big hug by their parents.
Getting softened as much as you wash.
Since Imabari Towel is made by old-style approach which is a time-consuming process in order to achieve intrinsic soft and tender taste of cotton.
Therefore, tenderness and mellowness of the Imabari towel is last even if you don’t use fabric softener.