welcome to the world of [gyoza] the very popular Japanese food!

¥2,100 / Dumplings 25 set( [Chicken gyoza]15+ [Tempeh gyoza]10)

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¥3,900 / Halal Chicken Dumplings 50 pcs

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¥3,900 / Halal Tempeh Dumplings 50 pcs

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¥3,900 / Halal Dumplings 50 pcs Set(Chicken Dumpling 25 pcs + Tempeh Dumpling 25 pcs)

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¥7,500 / Halal Chicken Dumplings 100 pcs

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¥7,500 / Halal Tempeh Dumplings 100 pcs

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¥7,500 / Halal Dumplings 100 pcs Set(Chicken Dumpling 50 pcs + Tempeh Dumpling 50 pcs)

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100% Halal compliant: welcome to the world of “gyoza” the very popular Japanese food!

National phenomenal Japanese food “Gyoza” is now available as Halal!
– Enjoy the chewy texture with juicy filling! Over 1.5 billion gyoz consumed annually in Japan. We boast of “gyoza” the Japanese national food is now 100% Halal compliant. It is now available on the Muslims’ table at last!

Japan’s famous Nikkoken Gyoza!
– Various media have covered the gyoza of Nikko-ken, the very popular and famous Japanese restaurant!
Deliciousness is guaranteed!

Highly reputed by Muslims!
– We received a favourable feedback from over 100 Muslims!
Despite its taste as Japanese dishes, it perfectly went well with the Muslim taste!

Strictly Halal compliant!
– 100% Halal compliant, which can easily clear any countries’ standards!
Meat, seasonings, cooking facility… everything is Halal!
Rich chicken, rich veges!
– Chicken Gyoza contains rich amount of chicken, garlic, cabbage, etc.!
Your satisfaction guaranteed!!!

100% Halal compliant
No pork/ Non alcohol
– While maximizing the gyoza-unique deliciousness, it is completely pork/alcohol free unlike those general gyozas.

Halal compliant chicken in use
– Instead of pork, including the dissection process, we use chicken which is completely Halal compliant !

The entire seasonings are all Halal compliant
– Soy sauce, sesame oil, cooking oil and all the other seasonings used for gyoza are Halal compliant!

Even the cooking facilty/ cookware are Halal compliant
– Nikko-ken the manufacturer completely distinguishes the use of Halal compatible cooking facility and cookware from other dishes”.

Greetings by the Nikkouken honer
I run a Sano ramen restaurant called Nikko-ken in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture. It was first established by my grand parents in 1948, the time was after the World War II, and they started from nothing.
I am the 4th generation. As good as Ramen, we focus on selling gyoza, too.
One may say it’s just gyoza, but it is h-la-carte we have completed as a result of trial and error. I boast of the taste.
We sincerely hope to have everyone visiting and eating the food.
By the way, the soy beans are produced in Japan.

We have been covered by various TV programs and books such as “Shutsubotsu! Ad hok Tengoku”, “Banana man’s blog keiji”, “Saturday Special”, “Kudo-san chi no shiawase wo yobu otoriyose”, etc. We have also received a rave review by Nanase Aikawa over Twitter!