Delivery and Handling Charge

Domestic delivery charges are ¥500.
If you choose payment on delivery, an additional ¥500 handling cost will be charged.
Payment at a convenience store is not available.
Delivery Method

Delivery firms vary according to sellers. For details, please check “User Guide” in the bottom of the page describing the products in detail. Please note that we are not in a position to take requests for a delivery firm, the time of delivery, delivery to home-delivery box. When the items have been dispatched, e-mail is sent to you by in order to inform you of the completion of dispatch. If you want to change the delivery address or the items have not been arrived, please contact the delivery firm directly. If we are not able to dispatch the items due to inevitable reasons, we will inform you of it by
Delivery Times

We try to dispatch the ordered items in the same day or in 3 days at the latest.
*If the payment is done at a convenience store or at a bank, we start shipping arrangement as soon as we confirm the payment.
*It takes a while to dispatch the pre-ordered items
*The delivery may be delayed, due to heavy traffic or bad weather.
*We are not in a position to keep products aside or postpone your delivery.
If the items won’t be arrived 5 days after receiving the e-mail about “delivery information”, please kindly send e-mail to
Expiry of the period to receive the items

You can receive the items for 7 days after our dispatch in principle.
The delivery firm leaves the delivery notice, if you are away from home.
In the following cases, the items are returned automatically to us:
・If you don’t contact to the number mentioned in the delivery notice
・if your delivery address is not valid
The items returned to us will be taken as a cancellation.
*Even though you have already paid for the orders by credit card or at a convenience store, the items are returned to us automatically.
We may limit your payment method to credit card only if you reject to receive the items for your own reason or you are away from home for a long period of time.
Please make sure to receive the items which you ordered.